November 28th - December 1st, 2018

1st International Eurasian Congress of Social Pediatrics

Dedeman Bostanc─▒ Hotel & Convention Center

Submission of Abstracts

Submission of Abstracts

Subjects of the Abstracts

All specific studies to be prepared in the field of Social Pediatrics, Child Health and Diseases will be accepted.

Terms of Submission

  • The only valid submission method is to submit your abstract into the system via Notices sent by e-mail or post independently of the system will not be accepted.
  • Deadline for paper submission is October 15th, 2018. The electronic system will automatically shut down on the announced date.
  • The people who use the online submission module for the first time must register to the system by filling in the "User Information" completely.


General Rules of Abstracts

  • All abstracts should be prepared in English.
  • The space reserved for abstracts in the system is limited to 3,000 characters, excluding Title and Author Name. More than 3,000 characters will not be accepted by the system.
  • Names should be written in lower cases letters, with only the first letter being upper letter. The names and addresses of the institutions where the authors work on should be specified.
  • Type font used in submission is Arial - 11 point size as standard for all papers and different type fonts should not be used.
  • Abstracts should include the sections of Objective, Method, Findings and Conclusion. The objective of the study and the methods used should be briefly stated in abstract, the findings should be summarized with adequate digital details and the conclusion should be explained within the scope of the presented findings.
  • The title should be such as descriptive of the content. In the title of the abstract, all words should be written in upper letters except for ones that have a special meaning in lowercase words such as pH or NaCl. In the text, the abbreviations should be written by opening a parenthesis together with full meaning for the first time apart from chemical symbol and international units
  • The papers regarding researches conducted on human beings should be conformed to ethics committee approvals and laws of our country.
  • Abstracts sent over the internet should be noted for typographical errors as they are printed as they are.
  • The papers selected to be presented at the congress by the Science Board will be published in the Congress Book.
  • Authors, who will present their papers, must register as participants. Since Registration procedures are made over one name, registrations do not cover other names in the papers..

Any abstracts of papers that do not comply with any of these items will not be evaluated, regardless of their contents.


  • Abstracts sent will be evaluated via the online system and the e-mail containing the result of evaluation will be sent to address defined in the system as of October 25th, 2018.
  • You can contact Rubikon Turizm for information about your papers.